Influencer powered Inbound Marketing for your Brand
Activate a new social channel that engages your customers
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Turn your most influential customers into brand advocates
Inbound marketing powered by    Kred
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Engage new and existing customers
Create engagement with innovative Apps
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Step 1: Convert your Customer base into an Influencer Community
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We find your customers online
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Customers are sorted into focused Communities
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Match customer social handles and measure influence
Powered by kred-badge Kred
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Create targeted downloadable content
eg. White Papers or eBooks
See .Guru
Step 2: Inbound Platform Activation
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MicroSite introducing your Brand
See .Design
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Customized Brand Signup Flow
See .Love
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A Community visualizing your customers
See .Guru
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Engage your customers in your Brand's Stream
See .Club
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Gamify Brand engagement with your customer Leaderboard
See .London
Step 3: Website Integration
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Add platform links to your Brand's websites
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Deploy widgets
Top Level Stream, Kred Rewards
Step 4: Drive Inbound Traffic
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Inbound Email Capture

Collect leads from:

[fa icon="envelope"] Downloadable Content
[fa icon="desktop"] MicroSite & Signup Flow
[fa icon="comments"] Community & Stream
[fa icon="trophy"] Leaderboard
[fa icon="twitter"]
Influencer Campaigns

Build reach with:

[fa icon="comment"] @Replies & Mentions
[fa icon="envelope"] Direct Messages
[fa icon="image"] Image Tagging
[fa icon="twitter"] Follows & Retweets
[fa icon="gift"]
Kred Rewards Campaigns

Engage Influencers with:

[fa icon="credit-card"] Free Trials
[fa icon="tag"] Discounts
[fa icon="users"] Affiliate Campaigns
Step 5: Measure Performance with Command Center

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Increase Brand engagement with a customized MicroSite. It the exclusive portal offering your customers access to your Streams, Communities, Leaderboards and more.

Your Brand Claim Flow

An on-brand Experience

Keep your customers focused on your values during the signup experience with a dedicated Signup Flow that keeps your Brand in the spotlight.

Communitize your Audience and create value

Help your Customers connect by welcoming them to focused, branded communities. Bring the neighborhood experience to your Brand and invite them to connect with Kmail.


See Example
Your Brand Community
Your Brand Stream

Control the Conversation in your Brand's Social Stream

Actively engage your customers in a social platform that integrates with your CRM.

Fine tune the conversation with feeds from @names, hashtags, keywords and your Brand's own content.


See Example

Identify and activate your Top Influencers

Use the power of Kred to find and engage your most influential customers - Showcase them in a gamified Leaderboard that updates in realtime.

Your Brand Leaderboard

Who are your most Influential Customers?

Your Brand's Leaderboard ranks your customers by social influence, helping you encourage brand advocacy with the right people at the right time.

1 Community
[fa icon="globe"] Brand Network Microsite
[fa icon="users"] Single Influencer Community
[fa icon="users"] Single Brand Kred Grab
[fa icon="trophy"] Influencer Leaderboard
[fa icon="credit-card"] Ability to Charge Members using Recurly
[fa icon="code"] API Access
[fa icon="envelope"] Priority Email Support
$999/mo* or $10k/yr
Most Popular
10 Communities
[fa icon="globe"] Brand Network Microsite
[fa icon="users"] 10 Influencer Communities
[fa icon="users"] 10 Brand Kred Grabs
[fa icon="trophy"] 10 Influencer Leaderboards
[fa icon="star"] 1 Influencer Campaign
[fa icon="credit-card"] Ability to Charge Members using Recurly
[fa icon="code"] API Access
[fa icon="envelope"] Priority Email Support
$5k/mo* or $50k/yr
Enterprise Plus
30 Communities
[fa icon="globe"] Brand Network Microsite
[fa icon="users"] 30 Influencer Communities  
[fa icon="users"] 30 Brand Kred Grabs
[fa icon="trophy"] 30 Influencer Leaderboards
[fa icon="star"] 2 Influencer Campaigns
[fa icon="credit-card"] Ability to Charge Members using Recurly
[fa icon="code"] API Access
[fa icon="envelope"] Priority Email Support
$10k/mo* or $100k/yr

*Paid quarterly in advance

Advanced Add-ons
Become a full time influencer with advanced Advanced Kred add-ons and bring your Network to life.

Kred Influencer Campaign   
Request an additinal Kred Influencer Campaign to idenfify and target the influencers

in your market to drive traffic traffic to your Network. 


Request Info

Kred Rewards Campaign    

Present your products as a special offer to Kred's most influential users and start

the conversation with a spark.

      Free Request Info

HubSpot Integration    
Seemlessly integrate your Kred Platform with your HubSpot CRM to track

user behaviour, measure influence, and turn your HS database into a Network.

Learn more

$499/month   Get Started

Slack Integration  
Integrate your Kred Platform with Slack to ensure a smooth flow of communication

between your company slack account and Grab, along with special Kred 

Commands in your Slack Stream.

Learn more

 $99/month  Get Started

MailChimp Integration and Social Matching  
Enrich and engage your MailChimp contact lists with matched social handles and Kred Scores.
(up to 10,000 social matches - Contact us if you require more)

$99/yr  Find out more
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